"Restoring Paradise" ...the story of Hundertwasser's lost treasure

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" RESTORING PARADISE " - Long Island, New York ... The discovery of the long-lost mural "Paradise" which was created in 1950's Paris by Hundertwasser and his best friend, Rene Bro ... and the crazy escapades of the down-on-his-luck contractor who risks everything to salvage it !

This book is a real -life, exciting New York Art World Adventure Story  ... a story about  the salvage and restoration of a work of art that will draw you in and leave you thinking about how we can use our gifts to help restore the world and bring people to their better selves. It's inspirational and funny and serious at the same time.   

The most exciting aspect of this adventure is Chris's desire to give half of all the profits from the entire project to individuals and organizations whose actions in the world show a constructive path to restore the broken world. This is what drives him to be unreasonable and turn down offers for the mural that started at $500,000 and have gone up to $1.5m.

His little brother cofounded  www.nycmedics.org after a story ran on Sixty Minutes. They have done great work for 8 years and need more money and exposure. Chris hopes to give them a $100 k grant and make a reality show that documents the work of real heroes who set an example for us all.

There are 100m Germanic speakers in the world who know and value the name of Hundertwasser and his legacy in art, architecture and ecological philosophy and practice. They know the value of this cultural treasure and why it must be restored and shared with those who know and love him. For most Americans and English speakers, this will be their first exposure to a remarkable artist as it was for Chris when he first discovered and saved the mural.

Hundertwasser spoke often about finding a Paradise that was always here if we do not destroy it. He said his greatest art was the awakening of identities and bringing others to their better selves. That is the aim of this project.

Help us Restore Hundertwasser's Paradise

Pictured here , you see the faces of Hundertwasser and Bro who made the mural. Please support our efforts by making a purchase or a donation. Thanks !

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Restoring Paradise I , II or III , buy one or all three


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Restoring Paradise I, II or III , buy one or all three


($0.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

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The three books are all written on an epub format which means they can be read on all apple devices , the iPad , the iPhone and the Apple  desktop or laptop computers. The three books can also be read on an Android phone or tablet but it has to be formatted in the settings to allow a two page reading. Please pay us and email us and we will send you the file via our  dropbox account. Thank You!

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"Restoring Paradise" ...the story of Hundertwasser's lost treasure, a two-ton mural, "Paradise" !